The Queen’s Speech – Love

This year one is speaking to you from Agar Hall where, due largely to one’s love and generosity, numerous retired service personnel are enjoying a jolly good knees-up of a Christmas.

And, later today, one will be lovingly distributing toys to the children of Grecondale, since one has observed that they are generally less fortunate than those in other parts of one’s Grecondom – most notably Greconville.

In other words, one will be spreading love and indeed, this Christmas day, instead of one’s usual review of the failings of one’s unruly subjects, it is about love that one wishes to talk.

For you see it is through giving love that one hopes to find it for oneself. One has been single and without love for simply too long. Of course, I know that you, my humble Grecon servants, love one with all your hearts, but one speaks now of a romantic love, a love that will sweep one off one’s feet, that will make one’s heart flutter, bring a light flush to one’s face and… ahem, where was one?

Ah yes… a love that will, with time, secure the future of this monarchy by providing an heir, or two, or maybe more… and most likely including twins… one set at the very least.

So do wish one luck, and perhaps when one talks to you this time next year, one will have someone other than dear Beefy to pull one’s Christmas cracker with.

Love, peace and goodwill (but mainly love) to all Grecons and may your Human Beans be kind, hardworking and cooperative.

© 2017, Zoe. All rights reserved.

19 thoughts on “The Queen’s Speech – Love

  1. “…to pull Christmas cracker with.”

    THAT had me spluttering my apéritif! A “cracker” of a speech, your Majesty, which has given me more than one laugh on a fairly dark Christmas Day. I do hope a suitable suitor presents himself before too long!

    1. So pleased to have given you a laugh, Brooksey. Steve read your comment and reckons that with the rate of new arrivals here in Grecondale, Queenie’s chances must be reasonably high. I think he was trying to make a point but I’m afraid it went straight over my head..!

  2. What a beautiful Queen, and so caring! I wish her all the best and hope she meets the prince of her desire.

    1. Yes, I think she deserves a bit of company, Maddy, as she rattles around in the palace on her own at the moment, poor love.

  3. Little bit of Barbara Cartland creeping into the speech this year, very well received by one and all, also Queenie herself looking so regal Bless her. Do I recognise the house was it from Rosemary and a beautiful horse……Thank you….x

    1. Yes, sadly we do seem to suffer from a touch of the Barbara Cartlands in Grecondale from time to time, Jan. I think I’ve only ever read one of her novels and it was a long time ago too – clearly it had a profound effect…

      Yes the lovely little house was purchased from Hill House Antiques in Greconville – well spotted!

  4. Queenie has manged to rouse a twinge of sympathy in this republican, the poor lonely thing. Let’s hope she doesn’t rush into anything she might regret though 😉

  5. I am sad to know HMGQ is lonely, but I reckon her best bet is to get out and meet people, so can we (mere mortals,) expect a Boxing Day episode high-lighting the giving of boxes?

    I’m thinking a handsome chap in a smart suit could fairly easily be invested into an order requiring a blue ribbon sash with a sparkly beaded jewel.

    Merry Christmas Zoe. 🙂 Thank you.

    1. LOL, Judy!

      Unfortunately, due to the Human Bean’s family commitments, there definitely won’t be any Boxing Day follow-up but ‘recording’ more Grecon activity is going to be one of her New Year’s resolutions. xx

  6. The inhabitants of Greconville are carousing wildly at being let off the hook for bad Behaviour this year. No detention and no lines to write….but they are most desirous of hearing how the Grecondales themselves are fairing. News from the dales has been sparce of late and they are missing the news of any events.

    1. “The inhabitants of Greconville are carousing wildly at being let off the hook for bad Behaviour this year.” – ha ha, yes any excuse!

  7. Giggles all round! I wonder what my Grecons have been up too? Pulling crackers with Beefy – would they have been so lucky! I doubt it. Grecondale sounds much more fun & far classier than 60 Triang Villas.

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