Monkey Business – Part II


Antonio made his way through Agar Hall on a quest to find Rabbie…

…eventually tracking him down in the kitchen.

There he found him lovingly indulging his pretty little daughter Morag with her favourite breakfast of Shredded Wheat with banana slices.

Antonio experienced a tiny twinge of what he could only describe as regret as he gazed upon the heart-warming tableau. But he shook the unexpected feeling off pretty quickly, remembering that the Ultra Modern already had its share of tinies in the lively forms of Liz’s two girls, and playing uncle to them was far more easily fitted in around his busy work and even busier social life than being a father.

GET THAT MONKEY OUT OF MY KITCHEN!” shouted cook angrily, as Cameron made a grab for the loaf of bread she’d bought fresh from Jenny Wren’s bakery that very morning.

Cameron was banished to the hallway where he was tied to the umbrella stand and proceeded to sulk.

He was actually quite spoiled by Antonio, being generally allowed to roam freely in the Ultra Modern, and so, despite the joy of his morning exercise in the lofty heights of Agar Hall’s conservatory, he was  pretty miffed to find himself chained and restrained. “Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored,” he might have said, had he been a small child and not a monkey.

His boredom was soon alleviated when an elderly member wandered into the hallway and shrieked loudly, throwing her arms up in the air in great alarm at the unexpected sight that greeted her.

“Take that!” she shouted, brandishing a stout walking stick snatched deftly from the stand, as memories of ‘vermin’ just like him from Burma, nineteen forty two, flooded back.

Hearing the almighty rumpus going on in the hallway, Rabbie and Antonio rushed to investigate.

To be continued…

© 2018, Zoe. All rights reserved.

14 thoughts on “Monkey Business – Part II

  1. Every “frame” of this one’s a gem, Zoe!

    I love this big, busy, yet homely, kitchen with its gleaming copper on the shelf above the range – and the big teapot’s a necessity in such a large household.

    Young Morag will be a big lass in no time on Kaybot-size portions – although, in fairness, Shredded Wheat does expand as it soaks up the milk. Excellent acting by the Tiny star – she really looks as though she’s going for it in pic 2. I can almost see her bouncing up and down in anticipation.

    Even the bit parts act supremely, though – the maid getting something from the fridge in pic 3 is perfectly posed!

    Antonio soon came to his senses after his moment of rose-coloured yearning!

    Cameron’s (necessarily) internal soliloquy and his encounter with the redoubtable granny had me literally laughing out loud! (His lead is very fine – I failed to mention that last time).

    Lots of beautiful furniture on show, throughout, too – including the very nice faux bamboo umbrella stand – and some lovely rugs. The Lundby one at the front echoes the pattern of the hall flooring perfectly. The sideboard sets off the blue vase and tray of silver beautifully – and it’s a great fit for this narrow hall.

    A triumph!

  2. What more can I say? The story is coming along nicely, incident by incident. I love the beautiful rugs, the teapot and furniture and fittings. However, the winner for me is that AMAZING loaf of bread! It looks so real!

    Keep it up Zoe! More, more, more!

    Cameron can certainly put on a face when he wants to; I reckon he is as good an actor as any Grecon. E.G. he doesn’t have to be able to speak because his face so definitely says he is bored, bored, bored.

    1. Thank you, Maddy! Cameron was a lucky find and has certainly endeared himself to me in just the same way as the Grecons themselves do.

  3. I can only echo what everyone else has said – Agar Hall is magnificent and welcoming-looking, everything is superbly photographed and the tale beautifully told. And the food on the kitchen table looks so REAL. All wonderful, Zoe!

  4. Oh! I’ve just looked at the heading picture of part II and found Cameron reading about a naughty monkey! So that is what has given him ideas, is it?

    1. I’m very impressed that you spotted that, Maddy. I don’t know who bought him that for Christmas but it was definitely a bad idea!

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